Monday, February 17, 2014

2-Day Group Tour "Discover St. Petersburg" 2014

Each year more and more cruise passengers come to St. Petersburg. A journey on a modern cruise ship may be not only a nice and relaxing way to explore several Baltic countries during one trip, but also a great opportunity to visit the most beautiful city of Russia without applying for Russian visa. 
For those who would like not only to see all the major landmarks of St. Petersburg city but also to meet new people and to have more fun on a tour, we propose our visa-free 2-day Discover St. Petersburg Tour. This is an all-inclusive tour which means you won't have to worry about Russian visa, lunches, entrance fees or a bottle of water. Everything is included. You will visit the main museums and landmarks of St. Petersburg like the Hermitage and Winter Palace, our Savior on the Blood Cathedral, Peter and Paul Fortress and Cathedral, Catherine's palace and park in Pushkin, you will enjoy walking around the Fountain park in Peterhof and trying Russian traditional meals in nice local restaurants. For your comfort, we have decided not to admit more than 12 people to one group. Besides that,  I'd like to remind that we focus our main attention on choosing tour guides. All of our guides are not only very knowledgeable and professional but also friendly and kind people which will be happy to share what they know about St. Petersburg with you!
The last great news is that we have decided to reduce the cost for our 2-day group tour. Don't worry, we keep the same itinerary! The cost for 2-day Discover St. Petersburg group tour come to $275 per person. For those who would like to prepare their trip in advance, we offer an additional discount which means the tour costs $260 per person if you make a reservation till April 15, 2014. 

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