Friday, November 23, 2012

Second Annual Sky Lantern Festival in St. Petersburg

A tradition to launch sky lanterns originally comes from Thailand.  Yi Peng is an annual festival which is usually held on a full moon in November. Thousands of sky lanterns are launched into the air on this day!
It's not a secret that many and many Russians go to Thailand for their vacations and that's no wonder that such a romantic festival tradition has come to Russia! Hundreds of people will gather together 300 Years St. Petersburg's Anniversary Park to make a wish and to launch a lantern into the dark sky!

When: Nov 28, 20:00
Where: 300 Years St. Petersburg's Anniversary Park, Primorsky avenue, St. Petersburg
Entrance is free

Nevsky 8 - a new art centre in the heart of St. Petersburg

Well-known “Artist’s shop” (or “Lavka Hudozhnika” as it’s called in Russian) has been recently renovated to become an art centre Nevsky 8 which consists of Art gallery, souvenir and art materials store and a café.  Warm art atmosphere and friendly stuff make this place worth of visit. You can enjoy the exhibitions of contemporary art which constantly takes place, take a cup of tea and buy an oil painting from St. Petersburg artists. By the way, amazing master classes of oil art are organised by the artists of Nevsky centre! They teach beginner artists how to paint! And you can join! :)

Address: Nevsky 8 (close to the Palace sqaure)
Entrance is free