Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ligovsky avenue history

Ligovsky avenue history is very interesting. Firstly, there was a high road to to Novgorod and Moscow, used by the people from nearby villages when the city didn't even exist. The road ran through the marshland and was very inconvenient. So later, when St. Petersburg was found, the city government decided to dig a canal on that place to transfer the waters from the Ligi river to the Summer Garden fountains. In 1725 the canal of 23 kilometers was finished. Later the canal was used as potable water storage. But after the flood in 1777 the banks of the canal crumbled, the water dot turbid and wasn't fit for drinking anymore. In addition, the fountains were wrecked, and so later the canal too. Nowadays, Ligovsky avenue is a majour street in St. Petersburg, running from Moskovsky avenue to the Vosstaniya square where Moscovsky train station is located.

Our new office address is Ligovsky 56, office 609
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Friday, January 18, 2013

Recently opened "Ukrop" vegetarian cafe in St. Petersburg

Several years ago to be a vegetarian was outrageous and many people have never heard about it. They looked at vegetarians like they're aliens or just mad. Popular meat dumplings, meat cutlets, Russian Borsch.. That is the what Russians are used to eat :) But nowadays vegeterianism is becoming more popular in St. Petersburg. The city is getting more open-minded and new vegetarian cafes is opened. That is good!
One of the nicest places I've recently been to is "Ukrop" ('The Dill") cafe. Nice cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, rich variety of delicious vegetarian, vegan and and raw meals  - that is what you'll find in Ukrop! And desserts.., they're perfect! If you're vegetarian or not, I recommend you to visit and to try :)

Address: St. Petersburg, Marata str. 23, "Ukrop" cafe

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Russian Orthodox Epiphany tradition

Mass ice swimming takes place on the Russian Orthodox Epiphany on Jan 19 every year. This tradition has been practiced in Russia for centuries. The Epiphany is considered to be of the greatest feasts for Russian Orthodox beleivers, and every year they plunge three times into ice-cold water in honour of Jesus's baptism in the river Jordan.

Nominated for Russian book of records, this year swimming is going to be the most considerable of all the preceding in St. Petersburg.  The swimming starts at 15:00 in front of the Peter and Paul Fortress.