Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ligovsky avenue history

Ligovsky avenue history is very interesting. Firstly, there was a high road to to Novgorod and Moscow, used by the people from nearby villages when the city didn't even exist. The road ran through the marshland and was very inconvenient. So later, when St. Petersburg was found, the city government decided to dig a canal on that place to transfer the waters from the Ligi river to the Summer Garden fountains. In 1725 the canal of 23 kilometers was finished. Later the canal was used as potable water storage. But after the flood in 1777 the banks of the canal crumbled, the water dot turbid and wasn't fit for drinking anymore. In addition, the fountains were wrecked, and so later the canal too. Nowadays, Ligovsky avenue is a majour street in St. Petersburg, running from Moskovsky avenue to the Vosstaniya square where Moscovsky train station is located.

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